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Apratim Softwares is created and run by Apratim Shukla(Earthing).We provide a wide range of programs from Text-To-Speech Converter to Games and Chatting services.Our aim is to provide you best service free of cost.All our programs ensure safety and come along with no ad's.

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We make sure that our customers are treated in the way we want to be treated.Enabling you downloads without surveys and registration is a way we try to provide you easy and fast service.We make sure that your data is not send to any Third party programs too and it is only used to improve your personal experience.

Testing before Launching:

We make sure that our apps and programs are properly tested before they are launched.We even provide you tested reports of our apps and programs on various devices.

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We want you to know how to make these programs and apps too.We make sure that our programs full fill your needs in every way.

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You can directly contact our staff using the live chat service enabled on our blog.We ensure to reply you back on your doubts and complains within 48 hours.

Opportunity for careers:

We are seeking forward to get new staff as we grow bigger.We update you on time with vacancies of ranks on our site.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Chattingler Version 2

Since the launch of Chattingler,we have noticed it's increasing popularity.Last month our Development Team successfully developed Chattingler V0.2 and it was launched soon afterwards.The new version of Chattingler has gained popularity faster than the older version and crossed 50+ downloads on the day of launching.So what's better in the new version?

1)FASTER than the older version.
2)Cleaner,simpler and better Interface.
3)More profile customization options.
4)Enhanced security features and privacy options.
5)Secret chat and secret messages option.
6)Fixed Bugs.
7)Smoother and crashing issues fixed.
8)OVERALL free forever and no ads/surveys!

Here is how to new interface looks:

More over the new version of Chattingler was also launched on the Amazon app store:

So far Chattingler has more than 350+ active users.Not a Chattingler user yet?Or do you need more information about it?


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